A: We offer incredible discounts up to 70% and more on Hotels – even on the most exclusive accommodations! Our Hotel Prices are “Tax-Included” right from the start! When comparing prices, it’s important to take those few extra steps when needed, to get to other “Tax-Included” prices.

Our Car Rentals, Weekly Stays, Specialty Stays, Cruise Packages, Restaurant and Shopping Discounts offer surprisingly low prices as well. While our Flights are competitive, the discounts are not quite as flexible.

A: You can book flights using both money and Reward Credits. Booking flights with your membership helps you earn double or triple rewards each time you fly. Additionally, you may receive frequent flyer miles and earn rewards from your credit card.

Yes. Contact us for details..

A: Each account is permitted two Owners. You can get the same discounts for others who accompany you. We do offer “Friends & Family” Promotional Discounts periodically, with up to 50% off at times.

A: Yes. The Change of Ownership Fee is currently only $350 U.S.

A: Yes. Our current Referral Program offers 20% of the price paid by the new customer you referred. You choose from the following:

  1. 20% in Reward Credits to you.
  2. Deduct 20% off my Referral’s price.
  3. Split it 50/50, half in Reward Credits to you and half discounted off my Referral’s price.

A: Reward Credits are like loyalty points. You receive Reward Credits for all reservations you make on our site. These accumulate and can be used in place of cash for future travel, gift vouchers, or, in fact, anything on our website.

A: No, there are absolutely no blackout dates.

A: Quite shocking, but yes. You can find this information by Googling “Expedia Brands” and “Priceline.com Brands” and remember, they are subject to Rate Parity.

A: Rate Parity is a practice adopted by most, if not all, public Online Travel Agents (OTAs) and the hotels that use them. It’s a system that regulates minimum hotel room rates so that they are “on-par” across the internet. So, even if you search 20 “different” OTAs, you will nearly always see the same price or very close to it, time and time again. RVOHUB.com, Inc. is Private and is not subject to or governed by Rate Parity. Click here to watch our Rate Parity video (Caution: Be prepared for shock, disappointment, and the realization that you may have been duped all this time! It’s quite an eye opener.)

A: No, with RVOHUB.com, Inc. there are no mandatory fees and no penalties or fees for skipped periods/years. License renewals are optional.

A: RVOHUB.com, Inc. is a Montana Corporation based in Billings Montana.

A: Search Cruises: Members enjoy the excitement of cruising to exotic destinations. These cruises are priced at deeply- discounted rates not available to the public. You have the option of searching for your specific travel needs or browse featured packages. When searching, we remind you to choose a location and a preferred sailing date.

Cruise Packages: Our unique cruise packages offer discounted rates and include our same cruise itineraries bundled with travel services, on-board credit, and more.

River Cruises: You have access to the most extravagant River Cruises in the industry. These amazing trips offer inspiring destinations, beautifully-crafted itineraries, expert tour guides, luxurious ships, fine cuisine, and excellent service – all at a remarkable value.

Sail Boats and Yachts: Reserve a private sailboat or a yacht for that ultimate luxury experience. Submit a request and we will book your arrangements. 

A: No, but by using our FREE listing service called Marketplace, you can enjoy exposure to our more than 1,000,000 Users who have the option to purchase your week at the price you quoted, or who can “Make an Offer” leaving it up to you to accept, reject or counter.

There are no fees to list.

If we collect the rent for you, we’ll deduct 10% to cover our credit card fees and processing costs, and you’ll receive the 90% balance.

Activities:  Whether you’re looking for something to do close to home or you’ve booked your vacation, be sure to check out the many activities and excursions we offer. As a member, there are thousands of options at your fingertips. Your membership provides endless possibilities to enjoy each vacation. Whether you’re interested in a diving adventure in the Bahamas or a winery tour in Napa Valley.

Golf: We offer deeply-discounted green fees at more than 3,000 golf courses worldwide. Just select your destination, your preferred golf course and date, and the number of players. You will then be asked to select a tee time, and you can book it right away by clicking “Book Now” or if you wish to book more than one, add the tee time to the cart and book it later.

Wine Club: Since 1990, The California Wine Club has introduced wine enthusiasts to a monthly wine adventure. With four great wine-of-the-month clubs to choose from, The California Wine Club offers a selection of award-winning wine to suit all tastes and all budgets. Every wine we feature is handcrafted by artisan wineries and guaranteed to delight. Purchase a one, three, six, or twelve-month membership to any of the wine-of-the-month clubs using money or Reward Credits.

Restaurant Savings: We offer $100 Restaurant.com Gift Cards for only $11 or 1,100 Reward Credits! A Restaurant.com Gift Card allows you to choose from more than 20,000 participating restaurants nationwide and can also be used for purchases through online partners such as Mrs. Fields, Lobster Gram, and more.

Emergency Travel Services: If you or your traveling companion suffer an injury or illness, Global Emergency Travel Service will provide an emergency evacuation under medical supervision if necessary, by whatever means necessary to the nearest facility capable of providing adequate care. Click on the Link to learn about the other benefits provided.

Discount Coupons: With more than 75,000 coupons and discounts valid at thousands of retail, dining, and recreational locations, we’re sure there’s something for everyone. Members can search discount codes on their mobile phones and conveniently use them whenever they’d like!

A: Reserve a vacation through your membership and if you find cheaper pricing anywhere else, simply submit a claim within 24 hours from booking and we’ll credit you 110% of the difference. (Terms & Conditions apply.)

A: One of our unique benefits is the personal touch we offer our Members. You will find our Travel Savings Specialists friendly and eager to help you plan your ideal vacation.

A: Yes. Because we deliver what we promise, we’re happy to offer this option. Seeing is believing, after all. Contact us for further details.

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